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This course is about Western culture and its relationship with and influence on the development of the English language. It focuses on origins of Western culture, etiquette, thinking, cultural values and traditions. Practice has shown that it is impossible to learn English well without learning the cultures and traditions of English-speaking countries.


All the topics included into this website will be covered in class therefore I strongly recommend you to visit this website every week - each time before we meet in class. You will need to study and prepare for your classes regularly if you wish to succeed at examinations.


In this course you will be learning English language through the basic knowledge about Western manners, etiquette, thinking and traditions. You will shoot two birds with one stone: (1) learn English and (2) learn about Western culture.


The duration of the course is eighteen weeks. Each time we meet in class we will discuss the topics according to our course outline; you will have to give oral presentations. Each of you will have to give presentations at least once during the semester, and you will be assessed for your presentations. In addition, you will have to take two examinations: mid-term examination and final examination. Please study the Course Outline carefully and make sure that you understood everything. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me in class or during the break time between classes. You can also contact me by email.


Please note that this website will be updated, from time to time. You can start learning now. First, study the Course Outline. Then you can go to Introduction. To read the Course Outline, click here



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